Special Interests

 Child Analysis

Meet other child analysts at the child-focused workshops and discussion groups – these provide occasions to work with a number of child analysts, something that may be lacking on the local level. 

Sessions of interest to child analysts are:

· Discussion Groups covering child analysis technique, parent work to infant mental life.

·  Child and Adolescent Two-Day Clinical Workshop.


Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual and Trans* Issues

· Attend the discussion group on Emerging Perspectives on LGBT* Issues.

·  Attend the Sunday morning clinical conference on the “Psychodynamic Explorations of Ethnic and Sexual Identity Tensions in LGBT Asian Americans.”

* is used metaphorically to capture all the identities that fall outside traditional gender norms.


Psychoanalytic Advocacy

· Attend Friday’s Opening Session: The Group and the Individual: How Large Groups Stimulate and Regulate Violence.

· The APsaA on Capitol Hill session focuses on crucial health legislation and how it will directly affect your practice.




Keep up to date on the latest psychoanalytic research by attending the many research-focused sessions as follows:

·         New Science Dept Session – APsaA’s new Science Department under the direction of Dr. Mark Solms, along with Dr. Charles Fisher, have organized a new session on Saturday.

·         Other sessions include:

o   Discussion Group: Research in Psychoanalysis on Friday.

o   Scientific Paper Prize for Psychoanalytic Research on Friday.