Special Interests



Child Analysis

Meet other child analysts at the many child-focused workshops and discussion groups – these provide occasions to work with a number of child analysts, something that may be lacking on the local level. 

Sessions of interest to child analysts are:

· Discussion Groups covering child analysis technique, parent work to treating children with autism.

· Workshop for Child/Adolescent Supervisors and Associate Child/Adolescent Supervisors

· Child and Adolescent Two-Day Clinical Workshop

· Child and Adolescent Panel on Saturday



Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual and Trans* Issues

· Attend the discussion group on Emerging Perspectives on LGBT* Issues

·The LGBT* issues committee-sponsored workshop Features the Ralph Routon Paper Award Winner

· One of the highlights is the presentation of the Ralph Roughton Award at the Meeting of Members on Friday morning. 

* is used metaphorically to capture all the identities that fall outside traditional gender norms.



Psychoanalytic Advocacy

· Attend Friday’s Presidential Symposium: “The Psychoanalyst In The Public Domain:What Is Ethical? What Is Effective?”

· The Psychoanalysis and Health Care Policy session focuses on crucial health legislation and how it will directly affect your practice.

· Service Members and Veterans Initiative (SVI) seeks to guide APsaA’s efforts to elucidate and alleviate the psychological trauma of war.

· Attend the Discussion Group on The Application of Psychoanalytic Thinking to Social Problems



Keep up to date on the latest psychoanalytic research by attending the many research-focused sessions as follows:

·         New Science Dept Sessions – APsaA’s new Science Department under the direction of Dr. Mark Solms, along with Dr. Charles Fisher, have organized a new series of programs devoted to research on Saturday.

·         The Friday poster session is a popular and important research venue.

·         New Department of Psychoanalytic Education’s Research Education Dialogue on Thursday

·         Other sessions include:

o   Research Seminar on Wednesday

o   Scientific Paper Prize for Psychoanalytic Research on Thursday 

o   Research Symposium on Friday